Why did I bought a 13 Inch Macbook Pro Retina ?

In this blog i’m going to discuss the reasons which lead me to choose a Macbook Pro.

Before going to the topic,  you have to know about my profile. I’m currently working as a Tech lead on various Microsoft Technologies and Open source Technologies. I’ve more than 4 years experience as a developer.

First question you would ask me is, As you are a developer on Microsoft Technologies, you did you choose mac instead of a Windows. Yeah…! as you think, first i was planning to buy a Laptop with Windows only.

But do you know what made me to buy a Macbook pro?

I already had a Lenovo G580 laptop with Windows 8, 8GB, 500 GB and 15.4″ display. Within a year of buy, the laptop started degrading,  the battery backup had become 2 hours, some dead pixels in display, the startup time has become 3-4 minutes. So i want to move to the new machine completely reliable and performing which never let me down.

My Requirements are:

  • 14″ Anti glare display with Full HD or HD+ resolution
  • Backlighted keyboard.
  • Atleast 8 GB RAM.
  • Atleast 256 GB SSD.
  • Battery backup atleast upto 5 hours.
  • Weight should not be more than 2.5 KG.
  • Should be reliable and performing for atleast 3 years.

You would have heard about Consumer class laptop and Business class Laptops. Business class laptops are build for enterprise which provide reliable performance for long term. Normally these laptop will have 3 years warranty with onsite service. So i started to get quote for a business class laptop from top laptop brands like Dell and HP.

Here are the quote i got:

  • 14″ Display-Anti glare- HD+ / 8 GB / 500 GB HDD / 9 Cell battery / Backlighted keyboard- around $1,125
  • Upgrading to 256 GB SSD – $210
  • Weight: 3 KG

They have only HD+ display laptop in Laptop series which cost around $1600. So i don’t want to spend that much money.

So, I decided to buy a Dell laptop and started to prepare for it. But my first thought was about the weight of the laptop. It weights around 3 KG and the charger would weight around 0.5 KG. Should i have to carry a heavy laptop buy paying a huge price.

So, I decided to go to check for some other brands, especially i was interested to buy a Macbook. So i first visited the Apple Site to know about the configuration.

There are two series of Macbook’s. One is Macbook Air and the other is Macbook Pro.

Macbook Air is the slimmest model which starts from 4 GB RAM/128 GB Storage and 11″ display, where-as, the Macbook Pro has two variant, one is with Retina and the other is without the Retina display.  The Macbook pro with Retina has a resolution 2560×1600. So my first requirement is the HD+ display and it is fulfilled.

The weight for the 13″ Macbook pro Retina is around 1.5 KG which is my second requirement.

Macbook Pro retina are build with PCIe- based flash storage, which are faster than the SSD.

Macbook Pro’s comes with a build-in backlited keyboard and the battery charge withstands for around 9 hours which would be amazing for me.

So, i was impressed with the specs and was looking to buy a Macbook pro retina with 13″ display and 256 GB storage which would be enough for my usage. The best place to buy is not the Apple store, unless you have a discount. You can check the price from online store such as Flipkart and Amazon (Beware of the seller, sometimes they sell used products. So check the seller’s rating). I bought the Macbook in Amazon for 90,000 INR which is around $1,450.


Life with Macbook Pro..!

First thing i would say is i never turn-off my laptop. It stays powered-on all the day and wakes up in seconds. Even I don’t fear to shut down since it will be ready in seconds. I’m running in a scaled resolution of 1400×900 which is quite enough. I’m using Parallel’s to run my Windows 8 machine. It weights around 1.5 KG and the charges weights around 200 grams.

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